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About us

The History

The Coop had its meager beginnings with an informal meeting over coffee of 4 photographers, Jack Coffman, Andy King, Mary Kerr-Grant and Sarah Bonvallet.   We all had a need for a formal photography studio but each of us alone could not afford it.  We found a great space in the North Western Building in Lowertown Saint Paul and called ourselves Studio F.4 for the next 2 years.  After losing Mary Kerr-Grant to the great city of St Louis, Heather Matson joined Studio F.4 and some new ideas began to emerge.
What if we had an official coop?  What if we had more members and had funds to hold workshops?  What if we held creative meetings and became a support network for other photographers?
We then found a new space in the ACVR Warehouse and started designing the 2000 square foot studio.  Our membership increased to 6 and The Saint Paul Photographers’ Coop was born.  We decided to name the studio space Freight Box to give it its own character outside of the Coop.  The Coop is our heart and soul and Freight Box acts as the physical body.  Our studio membership is now capped at nine.  We are currently hosting creative meetings once a month, participate in the bi-annual St Paul Art Crawl, and each member is entitled to their own yearly solo show.  We have many goals for the future and look forward to the creative energy and momentum of The Saint Paul Photographers’ Coop.