Template For Sales Agent Agreement

5. Contractual conditions and termination of the contract: the agreement indicates the duration of the contract, i.e. the start date and the end date of the contract. In addition, the right of one of the parties to terminate the contract, including the circumstances in which the contract may be terminated, should be established. PandaTip: The terms of this presentation grant all revenue from sales to your business, except for commissions to the sales agency. This section of the presentation defines the nature of these commissions as well as their method of calculation and payment. All offers made available to customers must be submitted with billing and sales documents for each order. During the term of this sales agency contract, the sales agency has the right to represent the products in the indicated territory, including these products under the trademark, copyright or trade name of the company. Finally, it should also be noted that there is a distinction between an agency relationship, a subcontractor contract and a job. As a rule, agents push the company to their sponsor and receive a commission for all sales concluded. Contractors receive a set number for the provision of a service. Workers are employed by contract for their employer and receive a salary.

However, the distinction can often be blurred and a court will decide whether a relationship falls under either an employment, contractor or agency relationship, based on the reality of the situation, regardless of any documents that may describe the relationship differently….

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