Who Provides Credit Agreement For Barclays

I`ve been with Barclays for over 50 years. I was never denied credit and I was never late for payment. My experian credit rating class 999 is the best thing you have. Two days ago, I ordered a new iPhone for my wife and took the opportunity to pay it for 24 months with a loan from Barclays Partners. Less than 24 hours later, I tried to order one for myself, and the people at Barclays Partner Finance refused me. I feel insulted that they see me as a risk for a 72-year-old man with an excellent credit rating. If there were no stars. It`s a total waste of space. A VERY VERY ANGRY Client Barclays I can`t believe the articles I read below, because now I realize I`m not the only one. My nightmare started with Barclay Finance`s partner in December 2019 and I`m still in a nightmare until today 18 Nov 2021.

Destroying my credit, lying, chastised and too condescending trying to make me pay, stressed, abused, fear maximized, complaint closed with the option I had was to talk to the mediator. If you want to be pushed to the limit, Barclays Partner Finance`s call centers are very responsive, but really unable to help them. Wouldn`t recommend taking care of this business. I wouldn`t give a star if possible… No one answers the phone, all I want to do is pay a billing fee. If you can`t get the staff for the phones, then you have to allow customers more features online, which is ridiculous and the incompetence of Barclay costs people more money, because people can`t make payments or changes on accounts, shamefully. MBNA on the other side… Answer in about 5 minutes! I hate Barclay`s finances. I spent two and a half hours on the phone yesterday talking to someone. No one bothered to answer. He took an hour`s wait… I tried it over this morning.

I wait an hour and thirty-five minutes. COVID is no excuse for crappy customer service. How many people work from home? nothing? You should be ashamed of yourself. That`s why I hate banks. He just called (3 p.m.) with a request and was held for 33 minutes before a very helpful guy answered my questions. It`s a pity that her site is not a little more interactive, otherwise I did not have to disturb her.

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