Uber Terms Of Service Agreement

As a driver, you understand that requesting or using Rideshare services may result in a charge to you (“fee”). Fees for bicycles and scooters are taken into account in the supplementary agreement in force. Rideshare rates include fares and other fees, tolls, surcharges and taxes, as shown on the Lyft Cities page of your market (www.lyft.com/cities), as well as any tips for the driver you want to pay. Lyft has the power and reserves the right to determine and change prices by publishing the prevailing price conditions on the Lyft Cities page of your market or by indicating a price for a particular trip at the time of your application. Prices may vary depending on the type of service you are requesting (for example. B shared, economy, extra seats, luxury), as described on the Lyft Cities page of your market. You are responsible for verifying the Lyft Cities page or the price offer within the Lyft app and you are responsible for any fees related to your user account, whether you keep aware of these fees or their amounts. In the event that you violate any of the conditions of this AUP, Dialpad reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Customer`s use of dialpad services (including UberConference) after written notification. No credit is available for any termination or suspension resulting from the customer`s breach of the UPA. What does Uber`s new terms of use agreement mean for drivers? Opinions, advice, testimonials, offers or any other information or content that relates to Lyft or are provided via the Lyft platform, but not directly by our authors, are those of their respective authors and should not necessarily be abandoned. These authors are solely responsible for this content.

Under no circumstances will we be liable for losses or damage resulting from your trust in information or other content published by third parties, whether on the Lyft platform or otherwise. We reserve the right, but we do not have an obligation to monitor documents published on the Lyft platform and to remove any material that we believe is contrary to the law or agreement, or that could affect the safety of users or others.

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